Vante Saffire RF Catheter Manufacturing System



Two Vante Saffire Catheter Manufacturing Systems are currently available. Contact us for details.


This used Vante Saffire Catheter Manufacturing System was  removed from a working manufacturing facility. This system utilizes radio frequency (RF) heating for rapid thermal processing of catheter tips, flares, and welds. It is an excellent platform to provide increased manufacturing capabilities or additional capacity if you already operate similar equipment.


All necessary accessories are included for the system to operate with existing Saffire RF dies. We can assist with die design and getting your application up and running.



  • 1x 4200 RF Generator
    • Touch screen used control of process parameters
    • Multilevel password control - passwords will be provided
    • Temperature repeatable to ± 1% up to 350°C and ± 2% for 350°C to 400°C
    • Temperature control high/low alarms with automatic disable
  • 1x 4210 Forming Platform
    • Provides a slide insertion force of 9.3 lbs. @ 30 ps
  • 1x Precision Regulator Manifold
    • Distributes air to insert, grip, and cool connections
  • 1x Foot Pedal Trigger
  • 1x RF Connect Cable
  • 1x Control Connect Cable

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