ASG Accu-Cut 202


This used ASG Accu Cut 202L performs automated precision cutting of flexible plastic tubing. It utilizes a computer controlled controlled drive wheel and an opposing encoding wheel to accurately advance tubing to the cutter. A bushing, sized to the outer diameter of the tubing, supports the tube as it is cut to produce straight cuts and allow for very short lengths. The blade is a standard GEM style single edged razor that is easily replaced when necessary using the magnetic blade holder.


This system includes the option to feed the cut parts into a standard plastic jar. This outfeed is equipted with Simco antistatic device.


This system features the auto gap option that allows the drive roller to positioned a programmed height, eliminating manual setting.


Note: ASG has changed its name to Syneo

  • Tubing diameters .010" to .300"
  • Lengths as short as .020"
  • Cut rate as high as 4 per second
  • Multi level password control - passwords will be provided
  • Outfeed to jar option
  • Antistatic option
  • Auto-Gap option to set drive roller height

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